TOP 10 SINDHI FOOD you must try

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TOP 10 SINDHI FOOD you must try

Check out the Sindhi dishes famous all over the world

Among the myraid cuisines of India, Sindhi Food is truly delectable for it unique taste with zesty ingredients, rich vibrant texture and aces the flavour test. The cuisine refers to the Sindhis who originated from Sindh in Pakistan. The food is wholesome, pleasure to the taste buds, good on health and is scrumptiously heavenly. Sindhi cuisine, to a great extent, is influenced by the Mughals, Arabs, Turks and other dynasties that ruled over the Sindh province at different points in time.

For the people of Sindh, a community uprooted and dispersed by partition, cooking provides a vital connection to their homeland. The dishes that come out of the Sindhi kitchens are exquisite and make you want more all the time. If you are invited to a Sindhi household for lunch, you may do well to starve yourself overnight so that you can have enough space to gorge up on all the delicious food.

A must try at least once in your lifetime, here is the list of top 10  Sindhi dishes that are just so deliciously blissful!!

1. Dal Pakwan

sindhi dal pakwan pic

Dal Pakwan extremely popular Sunday breakfast delicacy in Sindhi homes.  A signature Sindhi breakfast packed with flavours; Dal Pakwan is a culinary couple made in heaven. The dal is a simple preparation of chana dal (bengal gram) infused with spices garnished with coriander leaves, chutney and onions while the Pakwan is a deep fried flat Indian bread wherein the dough is kneaded with jeera (cumin seeds) and ajwain (carom seeds).

2. Sindhi Koki

sindhi koki pic, sindhi koki photos, sindhi food, sindhi dishes

Sindhi Koki is one of the most tastiest breakfast recipe made with wheat flour, onion, green chilies, coriander and whole seeds (of coriander, cumin and pomegranate). They are similar to Punjabi parathas but are made differently by toasting twice. Koki is served with curds and papad. It can also be relished with garam chai or pickles.

3. Sindhi Kadhi Chawal

sindhi kadhi chawal image, kadi chawal, sindhi food, sindhi dishes pics

For most Sindhis, a lazy Sunday afternoon is often synonymous with a bowl of hot steaming rice and fragrant Sindhi Kadhi. It is usually served with steamed rice and Vaangan Bataloon (potato-brinjal subji) or Aloo Tukk (crisp double fried potatoes seasoned with masalas) along with sweet boondi, making it much-loved comfort food for the Sindhi community.

4. Sai Bhaji and Bhugha Chaawran

sindhi sai bhaji  and bhuga chawaarn image

Tired of the regular palak paneer dish, then you must try Sindhi Sai Bhaji and Bhugha Chaawarn which is a perfect combo of health and taste. A potpourri of spinach, dals, lot of veggies and spices, Sai Bhaji is wholesome and nutritious. It is best complemented with bhuga chawraan, which is rice cooked with caramelised onions, and garam masala. You can even have Koki along with Sai Bhaji and boondi raita.

5. Seyal Mani/Phulka

seyal mani, seyaal phulka image, sindhi food, sindhi dishes

This Sindhi breakfast dish is made from leftover rotis/phulkas and is very easy to make. The word Seyal means cooked on slow flame or simmered till water dries and Maani means the rotis. Wheat flour breads (rotis) are torn into bite sized pieces and cooked in Sindhi-style sao masalo including ginger, garlic, green chilies coarsely pounded along with fresh coriander leaves.This green mixture serves as a base sauce for seyal mani. The relishing flavours, the appealing texture and the amazing aroma of Seyal Maani (Rotis in Green Masala) is just mouth-watering. It is usually served with Sindhi Papad.

6. Bhee Patata

sindhi bhee patata pic, sindhi food images, bhee aloo picture

Bhee Patata/Bhee Aloo is one of the most preferred and loved sindhi dishes. It is a relatively easy dish to make. Bhee is the sindhi name of Lotus Stem and patata stands for Potato. Bhee Aloo is prepared by cooking lotus stem and potatoes in spicy onion and tomato gravy along with garam masala powder and other Indian spices.

7. Chaap Chola

sindhi chola chaap pic, sindhi food photos

Chaap Chole is also a prominent Sindhi street food. The chaap means the cutlet made up of potato and chillies while the chole (boiled chick pea) is cooked in tomato and onion  gravy with some of the Indian spices like salt, long, red chilli powder. It is served in a plate with one chaap in the base, and the chole is poured upon it with the green  chutney, milk chutney and chat masala.

8. Tairi

sindhi tairi pic, sindhi food, sindhi dish

Tairi is a sindhi sweet dish which is mostly made on auspicious occasions like sindhi festivals or weddings and as prasad (offering to God). The preparation comprises of sweetened rice, roasted nuts and fennel seeds bought out together in desi ghee. Tairi also taste great with Sindhi bhee aloo (lotus stem and potato curry) or Vangan patata (Brinjal and Potato curry).

9. Teewarn

sindhi teewarn image, teevan pic, sindhi food, sindhi dish

Sindhi kitchens are not only famous for their vegetarian dishes but also for the non-vegetarian ones. One such popular non veg sindhi dishes is Teewarn, a mouth watering sindhi mutton curry. It is a mild spicy Sindhi specialty and a meat lover’s delight. The mutton is slowly cooked (2 hours approx) in daag (brown onion gravy) along with ginger garlic and Indian spices. In this curry, sometimes Sindhis add tindas or lotus stem if they are in season. Otherwise commonly potato is preferred by most.

10. Palla Machli

sindhi food palla machli pic, sindhi food, sindhi dish

Sindhi’s love Palla fish (Hilsa Fish) because of its distinctive taste. Palla carries great significance for Sindhis, as Jhulelal, who in Sindhi Hinduism is regarded as the incarnation of the Hindu diety Varuna, is frequently depicted as riding the fish. According to Sindhi folklore, Jhulelal controls the currents of the Indus and when palla swims against the current upstream to reach the Jhulelal/Zinda Pir shrine in Sukkur, it is rewarded with its distinct taste. The fish is cooked in a number of ways in Sindhi cuisine, but it tastes best fried, then buried in traditional Sindhi daag or onion-tomato masala.

How many of the above Sindhi delicacies have your tried already? Which one is your favourite? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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